Selection Process

We employ a comprehensive selection process which uniquely differentiates us from all the other head hunting and recruiting companies.


  • We strive to align our client’s qualifying criteria against the candidate’s qualifications.
  • We employ a selection process based on relevant aptitude tests that would match the business and technical criteria.
  • In today’s  economy, communication is very critical and having the right resources for the right job is very important for our clients. Therefore, we test candidates on their inter-personal, communication, presentation and team playing skills, applying different interview methods and ranking.
  • We understand the market better than  other recruiting companies. Our knowledge is based on our hand-on experience in the industry.   We are seasoned IT professionals with hands-on experience in the domain of  banking, capital markets, insurance, telecom and government sectors. We already have a great understanding of  our client’s selection criteria.
  • Our goal is to present a candidate, who will match 100% of client’s required selection criteria.

We are looking forward to working with you. Contact us if you have any questions.


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